The Supply and Demand for Candles in the US Market.

The Supply and Demand for Candles in the US Market


Current Candle Demand

US retail sales: $2 billion annually, not including accessories.
70% of US households bought candles recently.
Types of candles: tapers, votives, pillars, container (or jar) candles, tealights, liturgical candles, outdoor candles, floating candles, novelty candles, utility candles, and birthday candles.
95% of candles are bought by women.
Americans most frequently buy: votives, container candles and pillars.
Important factors affecting purchase: scent, color, cost and shape.
Normal retail price range: 50¢ for a votive to $75 for a large pillar candle.
Two-thirds of candle purchasers use candles once a week or more.

Current Candle Supply

More than 400 commercial USA manufacturers.
35% of candle sales occur during the Christmas/Holiday season.
More than 1 billion pounds of wax are used each year in the candle business.

Current Candle Market Trends

Candles are increasingly used for decor and for their relaxing effects.
Fragrance outweighs other factors in consumer selection.
Most candles are consumed within one week of purchase.
90% of consumers say they use candles to increase the "hominess" of a room.
42% of candles are used in living rooms, with the balance split between the kitchen and the bedrooms.
20% of women say they place candles in their yards.
Both men and women think a candle is an appropriate gift item.